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10th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

The Unforgivable Sin Against the Holy Spirit 

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The Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time continues our journey through the Gospel of Mark, and it brings us to a very fascinating passage from that Gospel that gives us an account of the conflict that took place in Jesus' hometown over his exorcisms that he was performing. And it's in the context of that controversy that Jesus gives one of his most enigmatic sayings. It's the saying about the unforgivable sin, the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. So today's gospel we’re going to look at this controversy over Jesus’ exorcism and the unforgivable sin and we'll try to unpack how the church understands this very strange and difficult passage and how the church has interpreted it in light of the living tradition. So, let's begin with 3:20-35 of Mark's gospel - that is the reading for today. It’s kind of a long one but there's a lot going on, so it says this...


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The Guardian

It was great. I’m waiting for his book on the “Jewish Roots of St. Joseph”

I always enjoy the MP3’s I buy from Catholic Productions.

The Hidden King, The Jewish Routes of St Joseph

Well presented and extremely informative. Great insight into the true meaning of passages based on the traditions of the writers which explains their intent.

Brant does not disappoint!

Great resource!

I never knew so much about St. Joseph. Only Dr. Pitre can go so in-depth with so much passion, and bring out the best information, and present it in the most understandable way.