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20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

The Bread of Life Discourse II (John 6, Part 4)


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The Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time continues our journey through the Gospel of John 6 in Jesus’ famous bread of life discourse, his teaching on the Eucharist. As we saw last Sunday, what Jesus did was reveal the fact that the bread that comes down from heaven, the new manna of the Messiah, is his flesh which shall be given for the life of the world. In today's gospel, what we see is the reaction of Jesus' Jewish audience in Capernaum to that claim. So let's begin with John 6:51-58, that's the gospel for today, and as you're turning to that gospel I just have to say this is a very special passage for me. This passage here, the reaction of the Jewish people to Jesus’ Eucharistic teaching is, in a sense, the reason I'm a biblical scholar today. It was a debate about this chapter that really got me interested in diving into the study of Sacred Scripture. And so I love to talk about this chapter and I love to focus on it, so I’m looking forward to this gospel for today. So in John 6:51 Jesus says this...


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