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21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Many of Jesus' Disciples Left Him (John 6, Part 5)

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The 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time for Year B brings to a close the church's journey through five weeks of studying the sixth chapter of John's Gospel. In some ways this really is the climax of our study of what Jesus has to say in his famous Bread of Life Discourse. So this Sunday we’re going to be looking at the Gospel of John and at how people respond to everything we've heard over the last four weeks from Jesus regarding eating his flesh, drinking his blood and being the bread of life who is given for the sake of salvation for the life of the world. So the reading for today, the Gospel reading for today, is from John 6 once more. This time we’re going to pick up where we left off though with verse 60 and the reaction to Jesus' words in the synagogue at Capernaum. So in John 6:60 and following we read these words...


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Doctor Bergman's delivery of this topic is very good, and easy to listen to. I enjoy his insights and his sense of humor.

The delivery of the package left a lot to be took from April 16 to May 4th to get to us. In todays' next day delivery environment it leaves a lot to be desired. A warning on your website that delivery of a letter-sized package can take over two weeks to be delivered would lower expectations and increase customer satisfaction.

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The Hidden King: The Jewish Roots of St. Joseph

Fr Donald Calloway ( author of Consecration To St. Joseph) highly recommended this lesson !!! He said Brant Pitre , Knocks it Out of the Park !!!!! He was extremely excited about the info included inside. He loved it !!! I have to agree !!! This was an incredible experience ! Extremely interesting !!!! If you have a love for St Joseph & want to learn more. This is a great teaching !!! What better time to learn than this year ... The year of St Joseph !!! Ite ad Ioseph !!!

From NZ

Looking forward to the books arriving. Thanks

Great Information on the greatest male Saint

This was such a great series to purchase. Saint Joseph is my patron saint. I learned so much from this talk. One thing I learned is that Saint Joseph was not old as many pictures show him to be. What a refreshing series. Learning about Jesus more through Joseph. Saint Joseph also would have given Jesus his name. Powerful talks. Consider purchasing this series; it will help you grow more in your culture and faith.

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