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22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Jesus and "Human Tradition"

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On the Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time for Year B the church resumes her journey through the Gospel of Mark. So if you've been walking with us over the last five Sundays in Ordinary Time, we took a break from the Gospel of Mark to focus on Jesus' famous actions in John 6, his words and his actions in the Bread of Life Discourse. So now the church picks up again in the Gospel of Mark and continues in chapter 7 with one of Jesus' famous exchanges with the Pharisees over the question of human tradition. So this is a very important text. Before I get into it, if you are a Catholic living in the United States and you have any interaction with non-Catholic Christians, you've probably been asked about or wondered about the whole role of Scripture and Tradition. Some people may condemn the things that we as Catholics do as “the traditions of men” and they’ll frequently point to this chapter as a kind of biblical foundation for a negative view of tradition. We’re going to see that Jesus says some negative things about human tradition. So what I want to do now is read the gospel, we’ll try to put it in context, and shed some light on what is going on in this passage from Mark's gospel...


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