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2nd Sunday in Easter, Year B

Divine Mercy Sunday 


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With the Second Sunday of Easter we move into the Easter season proper, and you’re going notice right away that the readings during the season of Easter, leading up to Pentecost, are going to be different from the rest of the liturgical year. So on most Sundays of the liturgical year you're going to begin with an Old Testament reading, then you’ll have a psalm, and then a New Testament reading and then the gospel. During the season of Easter, however, that shifts a little because we don't read from the Old Testament during the Easter season. The first reading is going to be from the Book of Acts, because what the church is doing during the Easter season is recalling the birth of Christianity, in a sense bringing us back in time to the earliest days of the spread of the gospel after the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the First Century A.D. So keep your eye on that. So as I’m going to go through the next several weeks of the Easter season, I'm going to begin with the gospel as usual but then Im going to go back not to the Old Testament, but to the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles. And, so you can probably guess that there’s not going to be any typological correlation because there isn’t an Old Testament reading. What we’re going to be doing more of during this Easter season is reflecting on the resurrection appearances of Jesus in the gospels, listening to some of the words of Jesus to his disciples about the age of the church from the Gospel of John in his discourse to the Last Supper, and then finally watching the church grow and emerge in the Acts of the Apostles. So that’s going to be the kind of program of reading for the next seven weeks until we get to the feast of Pentecost. So let's begin; the Gospel reading for this second Sunday of Easter is from John 20:19-31. So last week we looked at the discovery of the empty tomb on Sunday morning, but now we move to the next week after Jesus' resurrection and John's gospel says this...


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