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3rd Sunday in Easter, Year B

The Risen Jesus is Not a Ghost 

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The Third Sunday of Easter for Year B takes us out of the Gospel of John and into the Gospel of Luke for one of the resurrection appearances of Christ. So if you recall from an earlier video, one of the things I pointed out is, that during the Easter season, although we’re in Year B, a lot of the readings are not going to be from Mark. Because, what they focus on are the resurrection appearances of Jesus and then on some of Jesus' teachings in the great Last Supper discourse from the Gospel of John. So if you go back, and if you have a copy of the Bible, and you want to look at the ending of Mark, you'll see that Mark gives us about eight verses that he dedicates to the discovery of the empty tomb on Sunday morning and that's it, in the shorter version of Mark's gospel. So the church goes elsewhere to get stories of Jesus' resurrection appearances during the Easter season. So this week we’re reading from the Gospel of Luke and we're reading the episode that follows the famous account of Jesus appearing to the disciples on the road to Emmaus. So we’re in Luke 24:35-48 and this is the Lord appearing to them and proving to them that he's actually risen from the dead and that he is not a ghost.  So that’s the story; iIt says this...


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