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4th Sunday in Easter, Year B

Jesus the Good Shepherd 

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The Fourth Sunday of Easter in Year B is focused on Jesus, the good shepherd. This is a theme that the church highlights every year during the Easter season. And, as I pointed out before but I’ll point it out again, although it's the year of the Gospel of Mark, we’re going to have a gospel reading today from the Gospel of John 10, the famous good shepherd discourse. And, then we’ll go back and we’ll look at the Acts of the Apostles and the spread of the good news through the early church in the early years of Christianity. So let's begin with John 10:11-18, this is the gospel reading for today. Jesus said...


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A copy to lend

This covers (& covers well) something that ALL Catholics should be taught, but generally are not. I had purchased the .mp3 some time ago, but I wanted to have a copy to lend out to others, it is so good. Thanks for recording this, Gary!

Improve worship

This lecture series magnifies and deepens my worship. It biblically explains why we do what we do and why. The Mass comes alive for me now.

Service Excellence.

It was easy to order and all the items ordered were dispatched and delivered promptly as always.

Thank you. Chandramohan.

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Why we worship

Great 👍