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4th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Jesus the Exorcist

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Welcome back everyone to our study of the Gospel of Mark.  Today is the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time for Year B.  You might be a little surprised by the title of the video today; I’ve called it “Jesus the Exorcist.”  That might sound a little shocking because if you grew up in the United States in late 20th century like I did, when you hear the word “the exorcist,” you think of the famous horror film in the late 1970s, or the novel that preceded it.  But if you watch the introduction video to the Gospel of Mark that I made, you will notice that one of the key themes in Mark's gospel is Jesus's identity as an exorcist, as someone who not only goes around preaching and teaching, but also as one who casts out demons, who casts out the unclean spirits, as Mark will refer to him and his Gospel.  So today what we’re going to do, is we’re going to look at the Gospel reading for today, which is one of the first stories in Mark's gospel about Jesus’ exorcistic ministry.  We’ll look at the section and then will try to explain it and put it in context.  So Mark 1:21-28 is the Gospel reading for today and this is what it says....


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This covers (& covers well) something that ALL Catholics should be taught, but generally are not. I had purchased the .mp3 some time ago, but I wanted to have a copy to lend out to others, it is so good. Thanks for recording this, Gary!

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This lecture series magnifies and deepens my worship. It biblically explains why we do what we do and why. The Mass comes alive for me now.

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