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Feast of the Holy Family of Mary, Jesus and Joseph, Year B

The Holy Family 


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Welcome back everyone to the Mass Readings Explained.   On this Sunday I would like to wish you once again a very Merry Christmas because, although through much of the world Christmas ends on December 25, for us as Catholics we know that the Christmas season extends, and that we're still in the important eight-day period known as the Octave of Christmas. During this octave, one of the most important feasts is the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and that’s what we’re celebrating today with a very rich selection of readings from the Gospel of Luke, also from the Old Testament and the writings of St. Paul.  So without any further adieu, let’s begin with the Gospel reading for today, which is the famous story of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.  So let's look at that, it’s from Luke chapter 2, verse 22 through 40....


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