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Pentecost Sunday, Year B (one video)

Pentecost Sunday - Mass During the Day 

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This Sunday the church celebrates one of the great feasts of the liturgical year.  You could call it, in a sense, the feast of the Holy Spirit because it's the celebration of the gift of the Spirit to the Apostles on the Feast of Pentecost.  Some people even refer to this as the birthday of the church, and so what we are going to do today is we are going to look at the Feast of Pentecost and we are going to ask ourselves, what is the meaning of Pentecost in the life of the mission of the church, and how is it connected to the Jewish festival of Pentecost in the Old Testament, and then also, why does the church give us the gospel of Jesus breathing on the disciples and giving them the gift of the Holy Spirit on this particular feast day?  So there a number of questions revolving around that.  Before I do, just a quick note and something to think about.  If you look at the Old Testament calendar from the book of Leviticus 23, the Jews had an annual cycle of festivals and feasts just like we Catholics do.  They had seven major festivals in the book of Leviticus: festivals like Passover, First Fruits, the Feast of Weeks, the Feast of Tabernacles, the Day of Atonement, that kind of thing...


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The Seven Sacraments: Are They Biblical?

Wives Do What?!
Richard Wise
And the two shall become one

Here’s the deal. Husbands and wives are helpmates to heaven. This is a great presentation on how to do that. Matrimony is about a covenant based on sacrificial love. That would be a God based relationship.

Excellent Resource

Great study on the Mass as Biblical worship. If you’ve ever wondered why the Mass is structured the way it is, this is the Bible study for you. Brant Pitre is a dynamic and engaging speaker, and I highly recommend anything from him.

Very informative.

A wonderful presentation! I now have a much better understanding of this great saint. As I have been commissioned to paint an icon of St Joseph it has been timely and inspirational.

Wives Do What?!
Rosilyn Flanagan
Knowing the Context Removes the Blinders

You cannot understand what St. Paul is teaching if you don't know who he is speaking to and how these people lived in the first century. You must understand the historical background, and no one explains it better than Dr. Petre. He opens up the first century, shows us how the gentiles lived and, more importantly, how Christ wanted them to live. The sad truth is that we face a similar culture today, and it gives me hope that the Church and its teachings survived and will survive again. If I had anything to say about it, I would insist that every engaged couple view this presentation. St. Paul's teachings are as relevant today as they were twenty centuries ago. I've been married for 35 years, but I learned a little more on how to improve my relationship with my husband.

Do I recommend this product to others? Absolutely! Everyone can learn from it.