Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary

• Do Catholics worship Mary? 
• Why do Catholics believe in the Assumption of Mary?
• Is Mary the Queen of the Kingdom?

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    Why do Catholic say that Mary was sinless, when the Bible says that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”? And how can they believe that Mary was assumed into heaven, when the Bible says nothing about it? Most important of all, why do Catholics give Mary so much honor? Is the Catholic veneration of Mary really “idolatry”?

    In this eye-opening presentation, Dr. Pitre shines the light of the Old Testament on Mary, the mother of Jesus. He shows how three ancient Jewish images help us to understand Catholic beliefs about Mary:

    1. The New Eve: If Jesus is the new Adam, then who is the New Eve? What are the implications of Mary’s identity as the New Eve for the dogma of the Immaculate Conception?

    2. The New Ark of the Covenant: If Jesus is the new Manna from heaven, then where is the New Ark? Dr. Pitre shows how Jewish beliefs about the lost Ark of the Covenant give profound revelations into who Mary is and her bodily Assumption into heaven.

    3. The New Queen Mother: If Jesus is the new Davidic King, then who is the new Queen? In the Old Testament, the Queen wasn’t the king’s wife, but his mother. Dr. Pitre shows how Mary’s identity as “Queen Mother” (Hebrew gebirah) is the key for unlocking Catholic devotion to her, and the difference between honoring Mary and worshiping God.

    If you are looking to understand the biblical roots of Catholic beliefs about Mary, the Mother of God, then look no further: Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary is the perfect presentation for yourself or a friend or family member who wants to understand what the Bible really teaches about the Virgin from Nazareth.


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Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary.

Excellent, QUESTION is, why don't our pastor/priest in our parishes teach us this INSTEAD, of their own "interpretation ". I PRAY , IN GOD'S TIME , THESE " nuggets ", gets out.
Spencer Speedy.
Good work.

Ave Maria

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary is outstanding. I am so greatful to be Catholic. It can open up a dialogue with my Christian friends. The Eucharist and Mary are the greatest Gifts that Jesus has given to us.


Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary

Enjoyable Learning

This recording was enjoyable to listen too. I heard things that I missed reading the book. So much to learn about our Catholic faith

Beautiful Explanation of the History of our Mother Mary

Since I was a little girl, I was taught by my mother and grandmother about Mary as our heavenly Mother, given to us by God. I have always looked at her with awe and wonder. The Jewish Roots of Mary gave me more of the history of Mary as the New Eve, the New Ark of the Covenant and the New Queen Mother. Mary is more beautiful to me than ever and learning God's plan for her in these roles has given me an even deeper devotion to our heavenly mother. Thank you for such tremendous enlightment about Our Lady.