Does Romans Teach Justification by Faith apart from Works?


• Does Romans teach justification by faith alone?
• What does Paul mean when he uses the word "works"?
• Can faith be present without producing good deeds?

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  • 1 hour 58 min. (2 CDs / MP3)

    Gary Michuta and Jeff Kliewer debate the topic, “Does Romans Teach Justification by Faith apart from Works?”

    Gary Michuta is a renowned defender of the Catholic faith. He is the author of many books, including Why Catholic Bibles are Bigger?, How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids, Making Sense of Mary, and The Case for the Deuterocanon. He has appeared on EWTN, Catholic Answers, The Journey Home, Kresta in the Afternoon, and other well-known Catholic Programs. He also has numerous Bible and Apologetic studies found at

    Jeff Kliewer is a missionary to inner city Philadelphia, where he has worked for the last 11 years to help establish churches. He focuses on evangelism and has initiated a number of ministries, including an after-school Bible club and festivals throughout the city. His new book Good Enough? outlines God’s plan of salvation as found in the book of Romans.

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