The House of the Lord: A Biblical Theology of the Temple in the Old and New Testaments


CP 248

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  • 25 hours 23 min. (20 CDs / MP3)

    Jesus lived "in the shadow of the Jewish Temple." At the center of His identity and spirituality was the reality of the Temple. In this fast-moving and in-depth series, join Dr. Smith (and his audience of seminarians) and discover:

    • The "Temple of Creation" in Genesis -- and how we were created to "fill the earth" with God's temple presence. How Adam was created as God's original high priest -- and what the OT priesthood looked like before Aaron.
    • Delve into a detailed exposition of the Levitical priesthood: How many were there? How long did they serve? Who were the non-priestly "Levitical" men? Likewise, explore the holy Tabernacle and Temple "room by room." What were its furnishings and many sacrifices, and how do they point forward to our Catholic faith?
    • The promise of the Temple to its eventual destruction … to the Jewish hopes of the Messiah to "rebuild" the Temple … to Jesus' actions in the Temple … to His Passion and Resurrection.

    It's all here in glorious color, with rich insights from Scripture, the Church fathers, mystics, and wise theologians … culminating in the vision of the Temple of the heavenly Jerusalem. Dr. Smith will also explain how "temple theology" impacted the architecture and worship of earliest Christianity.

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6 reviews