The Dead Sea Scrolls for Catholics


• What are the Dead Sea Scrolls & how were they found?
• How do the Dead Sea Scrolls & Catholicism relate?
• Do the Scrolls illuminate any of St. Paul's teachings?

CP 153

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  • 2 hours 22 min.(3 CDs / MP3)

    Do the Dead Sea Scrolls contain lost books of the Bible? Do they mention Jesus and the disciples? Do they really predict the end of the world within the next decade?

    Outrageous claims circulate about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Catholics would do well to learn something about them.

    In this CD set, Dr. Bergsma explains the Dead Sea Scrolls for those who may have had little or no previous exposure to them, emphasizing the aspects of the Scrolls that are most relevant to Catholic Christians. Learn why, when properly understood, the Scrolls enrich Catholic faith and shed light on the Scriptures.

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