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O Come Let Us Adore Him


• How important is Eucharistic Adoration?
• How can Eucharistic Adoration transform your prayer life?
• What did St. John Paul II say about this devotion?

CP 116

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  • 1 hour 9 min. (1 CD / MP3)

    In this inspiring talk about the Church’s “best kept secret,” Dr. Pitre explores ten reasons why the practice of Eucharistic Adoration is so important for Catholics today. Despite the objections of some that Eucharistic adoration is an outdated, ‘pre-Vatican II’ practice, Dr. Pitre provides a gold mine of references from Scripture, the Catechism, and many popes in support of what John Paul II called “the greatest of all devotions after the sacraments themselves.”

    If you are seeking to deepen your own commitment to Eucharistic adoration; if you would like to encourage a loved one or a friend to begin; or if you want reasons to begin an adoration chapel in your parish, then your ears are longing to hear this presentation. Dr. Pitre’s ten reasons will have you running to the nearest chapel to adore our Eucharistic Lord and revel in the mystery of the Real Presence.

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Customer Reviews

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O Come Let Us Adore Him

Absolutely wonderful summary of why the eucharistic adoration is a must

I am a big fan of eucharistic adoration, but I didn't have enough arguments to tell other people why to do so. After reading Dr Pitre's audio, not only I learned a lot of new reasons why adoration is so important, but also found the right set of arguments to show others that this is a critical part of our Christian life.

O Come Let Us Adore Him

Excellent presentation!

What a Beautiful Reminder

This was such a wonderful talk reminding everyone of the importance of adoration and using a simple method of the 10 "P's". This is what I needed to get me back into 'Adoring Christ'
Thank you Dr. Pitre!

Oh Come Let Ua Adore Him