Making Sense of Mary (Signed by Gary Michuta)


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  • Mary is often a big stumbling block for Protestants and Catholics alike. For Protestants, the Bible doesn't seem to say much about Mary -- certainly not in comparison to what the Catholic Church teaches. For them, Marian doctrine is unbiblical, if not anti-biblical. As a result, Catholic beliefs about Mary appear to be completely out of step with Sacred Scripture and seem to place Mary in competition with Jesus.

    For many Catholics, Marian doctrine is something believed and loved, but why the Church teaches what it does is not altogether clear. Marian doctrine seems detached from the gospel, almost to the point of appearing to an add-on to the core Christian message. What's missing in both cases is a map to show the big picture. Making Sense of Mary provides just that. Not only does it show how Marian doctrine is taught from Genesis to Revelation, but it also builds the necessary biblical and patristic framework for non-Catholics and Catholics to better understand how Marian doctrine fits together and is integral to God's perfect plan of redemption.

    "The world is full of nonsense when it comes to the Blessed Virgin Mary from simple confusion and ignorance to disrespect and blasphemy. Michuta has done us a great service by blowing away the fog and shining the light of clarity on a matter so important to the story of God's salvation. Drawing from Scripture, Sacred Tradition, Councils and the Fathers of the Church, Gary helps scholars and beginners alike to understand the ABC's of the person and role of Mary."

    ~Stephen K. Ray, Author of Crossing The Tiber and Host of The Footprints of God video Series

    "There are many good books about Catholic doctrine on the Blessed Virgin Mary, but this is the first I've seen that "translates" that doctrine for Protestant readers. God bless Gary Michuta for writing a much-needed book. I wish I'd had it twenty-five years ago when I was trying to explain these matters to my then-Protestant wife, for whom Marian doctrine was a principal obstacle. How blessed are the future generations that will have this book in hand. All generations shall call her blessed. Thanks in no small part to Gary Michuta, perhaps someday all Christians will."

    ~Michael Aquilina, Author of The Fathers of the Church and EWTN host

    297 pages

    Publisher: Grotto Press (2013)

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