The Gospel According to James McCarthy (Signed by Gary Michuta)


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  • In the 1960s, Loraine Boettner's book, Roman Catholicism, became the to-go source for anti-Catholics in the United States. Twenty years later, Karl Keating exposed and discredited Boettner's work in his masterwork, Catholicism and Fundamentalism. However, the need for a replacement for Boettner was soon filled shortly after the release of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, by a former-Catholic named James McCarthy.

    McCarthy's Protestant response to the Catechism, The Gospel According to Rome, immediately became an anti-Catholic favorite and served as the new playbook for anti-Catholic missionary work. After encountering McCarthy's work in the field and debating McCarthy on Protestant radio, Gary Michuta decided to write a response debunking McCarthy's slight-of-hand and misrepresentations. Like Keating's work years early, Michuta's The Gospel According to James McCarthy exposes and debunks McCarthy's claims and methods.

    Paperback: 197 pages
    Publisher: Grotto Press (2003)

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