The Case for Jesus

• Are the gospels biographies or some other genre?
• What evidence do we have for authorship of the gospels?
• Did Jesus fulfill the O.T. prophecies of the Messiah?

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    • 1 hour 15 min. (1 CD / 1 DVD / MP3)

      For well over a hundred years now, skeptics have questioned the historical truth of the Gospels, claiming that they were originally anonymous. Others have even argued that Jesus of Nazareth did not think he was God and never claimed to be divine.

      This powerful presentation hits the highlights from Dr. Brant Pitre's bestselling book, The Case for Jesus. In it, he goes back to the sources to answer questions such as:

      • Are the Gospels history or fiction?
      • Did Jesus claim be God?
      • Is Jesus divine in all four Gospels? Or only in John?
      • Did Jesus fulfill the Jewish prophecies of the Messiah?
      • What is the evidence for the Resurrection?

      If you've ever wondered about the historical basis of Christianity; or if you've ever been at a loss to answer atheist objections to Christ; or if you are struggling with your faith (or know someone who is), then this presentation is for you.


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Customer Reviews

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Great service

The 3 dvds arrived until just before Christmas due to Canada Post rotating strike. So have not had a chance to review the contents. But I am impressed by the customer service and follow up. Will let you know about the dvds in due course. A blessed Christmas and New Year. May God bless.
Archbishop Shane Janzen


Very pleased to have received this order today. I haven’t had time to look at the CDs! Thank you.


Well researched and stated. I have read the book as well and am blessed by the way Dr Pitre’s love for Jesus and meticulous presentation of the history of the gospels increase and strengthen my faith.

Must see

Brant Pitre always explains things in a way that is easy for a non-scholar to understand. This was another truly awesome video.

Great video!

Dr Pitre is a great speaker and the material is extremely well researched. You will learn something vital, and timely in this talk. I have read the book (very worth getting, too!) but this talk is a great overview that stands alone too.