The Gospel of Matthew: The Messiah and the Fulfillment of the Old Testament

• Who wrote the Gospel of Matthew?
• What prophecies does Matthew show Jesus fulfilling?
• Why is the sermon on the mount so shocking?

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  • 4 hours 27 min. (4 CDs / 4 DVDs / MP3)
    [DVD1: 1 hr 8 min, DVD2: 1 hr 11 min, DVD3: 1 hr 10 min, DVD4: 1 hr 8 min]

    St. Matthew’s Gospel was considered the most influential and popular book among the early Christian community. In this four part series, Dr. Pitre will explain why that is the case and how for the early Jewish Christians, in particular, St. Matthew clearly makes the case for how the long awaited hopes of the Jewish people are being fulfilled in Jesus. In this series, you will cover topics such as:

    • Who wrote the Gospel of Matthew
    • Why the long genealogy at the beginning of Matthew, which many Christians today simply gloss over, of vital importance to the Gospel of Matthew’s message
    • How the Gospel of Matthew clearly makes Jesus out to be a new and greater Moses, David, Solomon, and Isaac
    • The shocking paradoxes of the Sermon on the Mount and the implications of them for our spiritual life
    • Aspects of Jesus’ infancy, public ministry, and last days in Jerusalem that show him to be the long-awaited fulfillment of what the priests, prophets, and kings of old hoped for

    If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about main figures of the Old Testament and how and why they are relevant for setting the stage for Christ’s coming, then this study on the Gospel of Matthew is for you!

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