From Peter to the Papacy - Defending the Faith Series: Volume 3


• Did Peter receive a title normally reserved for God?
• What can the Old Test. tell us about the papacy?
• How can the Pope be infallible, yet still commit sin?

CP 236

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  • 3 hours 17 minutes (4 CDs / MP3)

    Did Christ appoint Peter to be the visible head of His Church or is the papacy a fifth century invention? Gary Michuta leaves no stone unturned in this tour de force apologetics seminar on the biblical roots of the papacy. Common (and not-so-common objections) are explored, analyzed, and refuted and a positive biblical case is proposed to show the biblical rationale for the papacy. Among the questions answered in this course set are:

    • Did Jesus really choose Peter as the "rock" upon which He would build His Church?
    • Why did Peter receive a title normally reserved for God?
    • Did the Apostles have successors?
    • What do the Patriarchs, monarchies, and the Sanhedrin tell us about the Papacy?
    • Where does the bible speak about universal and particular jurisdiction?
    • What is the biblical rationale behind Papal Infallibility? And many more...

    Join Gary Michuta as he explores Peter and the papacy in this information packed series.

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