The Dark Night of the Soul


• What, exactly, is "The Dark Night of the Soul"?
• Where in scripture does St. John of the Cross find it?
• Who experiences this "dark night"?

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    Many Christians have heard of St. John of the Cross’ famous book, The Dark Night of the Soul. But if you’ve ever picked it up and tried to actually read it, you may have found yourself confused. What exactly is the ‘dark night’ of the soul? How do you know if you’re going through the ‘dark night’ or not?

    In this exciting Bible study, Dr. Brant Pitre takes St. John of the Cross’ classic spiritual teaching on the dark night of the soul and unlocks its meaning by looking at what St. John himself considered the key to his mystical theology: Sacred Scripture. In this Bible study, you will learn about:

    • The Dark Night of the Senses vs. the Dark Night of the Spirit
    • What Bible passages were used by St. John to explain the Dark Nights
    • Who experiences the Dark Nights and why God allows them
    • What to do when experiencing the Dark Nights
    • How the Dark Nights are a kind of Purgatory on Earth

    If you’ve ever experienced difficulty and dryness in prayer, or if you’ve ever wanted to understand St. John of the Cross’ teaching from a biblical perspective, or if you just want to make progress in prayer and the spiritual life, then this Bible study on the Dark Night of the Soul is for you.


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