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Mary: Unveiling the Blessed Virgin’s Role in God’s Plan of Redemption

• What's the full implication of Mary as the "New Eve"?
• What's the Biblical foundations for the Marian dogmas?
• How is Mary the fulfillment of the Old Test. Queen Mother?

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• What's the full implication of Mary as the "New Eve"?
• What's the Biblical foundations for the Marian dogmas?
• How is Mary the fulfillment of the Old Test. Queen Mother?

  • 3 hours 36 minutes (4 CDs / MP3) 

    Is Marian teaching an add-on to the gospel? For many, the Catholic Church's teaching on Mary seems to be not only unwarranted in Scripture, but disconnected from the message of the gospel -- an unnecessary doctrinal add-on that obstructs and even distracts from the saving work of Christ. In this four-part series, Gary Michuta helps explain the biblical and patristic rationale for several core Marian beliefs, how they fully integrate with the saving work of Christ, and why Mary makes God's plan of redemption perfect. Topics covered in this series are:


    • What was God's original design for humanity?
    • Why Mary as the "New Eve" is a necessary outworking of God's justice and not just a biblical parallel.
    • How the consequences of the Fall underpin important doctrines about Christ and Mary.


    • How the first Messianic prophecy in Scripture contains a prediction of Mary's Immaculate Conception and her subsequent sinless life.
    • Why an office in the Davidic monarchy provides biblical grounds for Mary's enthronement in heaven, her primacy as an intercessor, and our duty to honor her.
    • How the Annunciation guarantees that Jesus is the legitimate successor to David's throne.


    • How the Virgin Birth of Christ makes Mary a mother twice-over.
    • How the crucifixion relates to Cana and Bethlehem, a wedding and the nativity.
    • The biblical justification for seeing Mary's interior suffering at the foot of the cross as labor pains.


    • How Revelation 12 provides biblical proofs for Mary's bodily Assumption, her heavenly queenship, her sinless impeccability, and her place as Mother of all Christians.
    • Why objections against the Marian interpretation of Revelation 12 ultimately fail.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Emmanuel H
Mary: Our Mother and Co-redemptrix

Gary Michuta has his own style of delivering and expounding on the life, mysteries and theological significance of Our Virgin Mother. He carefully and meticulously connects Mary with Eve, in a way I have not seen before. The parallels become clearer and dispel all doubt about Mary being the New Eve. Moreover, the doctrine of co-redemptrix has been thoroughly unpacked in this study. It doesn’t matter what your stance regarding Mary is. By the end of these lectures, you will have a deeper understanding and appreciation on Mary and her role in the life, ministry and passion of Jesus. You will be compelled to honor her, the Mother of the Messiah, the Queen Mother, the Mother of God, now our Mother, as we should. Mary and Jesus’ lives are so intertwined that whatever happened to Jesus, happened to Mary as well. Thank you Mr. Gary Michuta. My favorite and profound realization because of your lecture is: when Mary sees us, she actually see’s Jesus. "Woman, this is your son. Son, this is your Mother."

Lorna Kappel
Unveiling the Blessed Virgin Mary

These were purchased to be used in our Bible Study Group this Fall and also to explain the Jewish Roots concerning Mary to a non-Catholic. Who better to explain this than Brant Pitre. He knows his stuff for sure!! Thank you.

Outstanding !

Garys focus on all the details of the fall and the details that each . Adam and Eve participated, explained . in contrast how both Mary and Jesus reversed in every detail Satans hold on us. I highly recommend and is a joy to listen. The book is recommended as well!

Gilda Samaniego
This is an excellent series

Loved how all the information was presented, I got so much information out of this lecture. It cleared out many questions I had while strengthening my faith at the same time by presenting biblical and patristic evidence for the Marian beliefs. Now I have a whole new perspective on this topic!

Gilda Samaniego
This is a great series

Loved how all the information here was presented, a very clear explanation that gave me another perspective on this topic. This lecture has definitely helped me clear out many questions while strengthening my faith by presenting biblical and patristic evidence for Marian beliefs.

★★★★★ Reviews

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Richard Wise
And the two shall become one

Here’s the deal. Husbands and wives are helpmates to heaven. This is a great presentation on how to do that. Matrimony is about a covenant based on sacrificial love. That would be a God based relationship.

Excellent Resource

Great study on the Mass as Biblical worship. If you’ve ever wondered why the Mass is structured the way it is, this is the Bible study for you. Brant Pitre is a dynamic and engaging speaker, and I highly recommend anything from him.

Very informative.

A wonderful presentation! I now have a much better understanding of this great saint. As I have been commissioned to paint an icon of St Joseph it has been timely and inspirational.

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Rosilyn Flanagan
Knowing the Context Removes the Blinders

You cannot understand what St. Paul is teaching if you don't know who he is speaking to and how these people lived in the first century. You must understand the historical background, and no one explains it better than Dr. Petre. He opens up the first century, shows us how the gentiles lived and, more importantly, how Christ wanted them to live. The sad truth is that we face a similar culture today, and it gives me hope that the Church and its teachings survived and will survive again. If I had anything to say about it, I would insist that every engaged couple view this presentation. St. Paul's teachings are as relevant today as they were twenty centuries ago. I've been married for 35 years, but I learned a little more on how to improve my relationship with my husband.

Do I recommend this product to others? Absolutely! Everyone can learn from it.