Is Salvation Guaranteed? Defending the Faith Series: Volume 1


• Does the Bible teach that one can never lose his salvation?
• What does the "once saved always saved" belief assume?
• Do Jesus, Paul, and James contradict one another?

CP 233

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  • 3 hours 25 minutes (4 CDs / MP3)

    There is perhaps no other subject more confusing and frustrating for Catholics to discuss with Protestants than salvation and the role of faith and good works. Invariably, conversations go around in circles concluding with neither party feeling that they had come any closer to reaching a mutual understanding than when they had begun. Gary Michuta provides a solid approach to help Catholics effectively explain why the Catholic understanding of salvation and the role of faith and good works is both reasonable and preeminently biblical. This four course set covers topics such as:

    • Why the issue of faith and works needs to be settled before any other subject is discussed
    • How the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura (Bible alone) affects the way Protestants interpret the Bible
    • How the Protestant understanding of "Scripture interprets Scripture" renders solid Catholic proof texts (e.g., James 2:24) ineffective
    • Why many Protestants seem to both affirm and deny the necessity of good works in conversations
    • What are "trump verses" and how do these verses affect the way most Protestants understand the Bible?
    • Does St. Paul really condemn good works?
    • Was practicing the Old Testament ceremonial law a good work? Why did this ceremonial law contradict faith?
    • Does the Bible teach that a true believer can never lose his salvation?

    Michuta provides solid answers to these and other questions in this detailed and fascinating course in Catholic apologetics.

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