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John the Baptist, Jesus and Advent


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What is the primary meaning of the season of Advent?
 What are the Jewish roots of the famous "Jesse Tree"?
Have you ever felt that you just aren't ready when Christmas comes around?
Why was Jesus born of a virgin in Bethlehem?

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Very Illuminating

I loved this talk. It gave a great introduction into the Song of Solomon, and how it is interpreted. Dr. Pitre clarified this often misunderstood text and prompted me to want to learn more about Jesus as The Bridegroom (so I am now listening to Dr. Pitre's talk "Jesus the Bridegroom"). Well worth the buy.

Very Good Biblical Study on Mary and Her Role in God's Plan

Dr. Pitre does a great job explaining biblically Mary's role and some reasons the veneration that we give her as Catholics. I knew some general concepts about this already, but his talk was very good at bringing these teachings together and expounding more fully upon these mysteries.

Excellent Explanation of the Mass as Biblical Worship

I can't tell you how many times I have used what I learned in this series when talking to both Catholics and Protestants. It is very relevant for a time when even Catholics are confused about the meaning and significance of the Mass.

Another great work by Dr. Pitre

Dr. Pitre does not disappoint in his latest look at St. Joseph, using Scripture, Church History and the Fathers to Get to the heart of who St. Joseph was. What a great resource. I can't wait for the book!