How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids: A Practical Guide for Keeping Your Kids Catholic (Signed by Gary Michuta)


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  • From the author: "This book is the product of years of work in the field of apologetics and evangelism. A few years ago, I gathered my experiences and ideas into a series of talks titled "How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids." Catholic parents around the country were extremely enthusiastic about the talks. Parents frequently approached me after my talks and encouraged me to put the information into book form because their own experiences so closely mirrored what I said. Some of these parents would proceed to share their own heart-breaking stories when their child had been pulled out of the Church. These discussions with parents also helped me to decide what information to include in my talks. I took these parents' advice to heart and the result is this book."


    "Catholic parents are often unaware that there are full time anti-Catholic missionaries whose goal is to pull unsuspecting Catholics out of the Church. Some are upfront about their intentions while others recruit Catholics using more deceptive means. Without fully realizing it, otherwise content Catholics are manipulated into embracing a worldview that is hostile to their Catholic Faith. Even worse, most parents do not become aware that their child is being recruited out of the Church until he or she has already left!"

    ~Stephen Ray
    (Catholic author, apologist, speaker)

    "Living in what is an increasingly anti-Catholic world, there is no better practical 'wolf-proofing' tool that empowers parents to protect their children from being taken away from their faith in the first place, while at the same time providing priceless insights into just what to do if one finds himself in the devastating place of having lost a child to one of multitudes of 'sheep-stealers' who target Catholic children. This is must reading for every Catholic parent."

    ~Tim Staples
    (Catholic Answers Live host, apologist, author)

    "As a Catholic mother of seven children, I often pray that my children will hold tight to their Catholic faith as they grow into adults. I want nothing more for them than to know and love God and His Church. I want them to grow up to be truly faithful Catholics who not only know their faith but live it every day. Gary Michuta has written a book that will help families everywhere carry out that noble goal. How to Wolf-proof Your Kids is a great blessing. Thank you, Gary."

    ~Maureen Wittman
    (Author of The Catholic Homeschool Companion and President of Home School Connections)

    "As someone whose ministry is devoted to media awareness and activism, I know full well the constant attack against families and our faith. The toxic culture is on a mission to indoctrinate children into an increasingly secular lifestyle. Gary's book serves as another spiritual weapon against the wolves just waiting to devour everything Catholics and other Christians hold near and dear."

    ~Teresa Tomeo
    (Author, speaker, radio and television host)

    137 pages

    Publisher: Grotto Press (2009)

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