Made for More


• What is community?
• How is Christian community unique?
• What good can Christian community bring to me? 

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  • 3 hours 12 min. (4 CDs / 4 DVDs / MP3)
    [DVD1: 51 min, DVD2: 1 hr 2 min, DVD3: 59 min, DVD4: 20 min]

    We are created to connect.  We, as human persons, are relational beings. God created us for relationship - relationship with Himself and with one another.  Here, in relationship - in community, our humanity flourishes.  Here, we find true happiness.

    Made for More is a video-based resource created to help us grow in authentic Christian community.  Made for More is the first of several new video-based resources that the diocese is offering for adults. These resources are designed to help us grow in the art of living - an art that is learned in relationship with GOD and each other.  This first resource, Made for More, will help us unpack the subject of community, and more specifically, Christian community.

    • What is community?
    • How is Christian community unique from other types of community?
    • What good can Christian community bring to me?
    • How do I experience this type of community?
    • What do I do when I experience obstacles in my community?

    Made for More includes seven 20-minute video sessions that cover these questions and many others on the topic of Christian community.  Questions to support small group discussion can be found on our diocesan website at Made for More also includes resources for a retreat which consist of three additional video sessions, as well as group activities that follow each retreat session.  The sessions are as follows:

    Session 1: Why Community?   (17 min)
    Session 2: God for Us   (17 min)
    Session 3: Made for God   (17 min)
    Session 4: Made for Each Other   (23 min)
    Session 5 : What is Christian Community?   (19 min)
    Session 6: Obstacles to Community   (20 min)

    Retreat Talk 1: ‘Teach Me How to Pray’   (17 min)
    Retreat Talk 2: Seeing Each Other   (19 min)
    Retreat Talk 3: Committed to Community   (23 min) 

    Final Session: What’s Next?   (20 min)

    For more information about Made for More, visit:


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