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The Mass Explained + The Mass Readings Explained

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• Deepen your understanding of the readings you hear at Mass.
• Get access to the most relevant weekly Bible study of your life.
• Learn about Roman Catholic Worship in the Bible and Tradition.

• Deepen your understanding of the readings you hear at Mass.
• Get access to the most relevant weekly Bible study of your life.
• Learn about Roman Catholic Worship in the Bible and Tradition.

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What's in this series?

Sample Excerpts

  • By signing up, you get access to both parts of the subscription: [1] The Mass Readings Explained and [2] The Mass Explained.

    We started this project with the desire to help people better prepare for Mass, help priests and deacons prepare homilies, and help all of us understand the mystery of the Mass so as to approach it with more awe and reverence. With your active subscription you will receive the following:

    1. A Bible study with Dr. Pitre focusing on the Sunday Mass Readings: In-depth, full length Bible study on [a] the Gospel readings, connecting them with the Old Testament reading and Responsorial Psalm, as well as [b] a second video dedicated to the 2nd reading (usually from an epistle of St. Paul) for each Sunday Mass. These full length videos are more exhaustive than excerpt videos you may have seen on our Youtube channel and the subscription gives you access to #'s 2 and 3 below.

    2. Written transcript of Dr. Pitre’s Bible study: For those who prefer to read (rather than view or listen only), a written transcript of the entire Bible study will be provided for reading and reflection. 

    3. 1-2 page study guide with questions for reflection/discussion for each presentation: Ideal for prayer groups and group/parish Bible study, as well as personal reflection.

    4. Guaranteed Monday morning releases: Videos will be available on Monday mornings for group study, homily preparation, or personal preparation for the following Sunday Mass.  We send all subscribers a notification email that the video has been released.

    5.  Bonus videos: Introduction to the Gospel for the liturgical year we are on: Who wrote the Gospel? When was it written? Why was it written? Etc.

    6. The Mass Explained Video Series:  This video series is included with your subscription to The Mass Readings Explained.  Dr. Pitre spends over 50 videos covering the Biblical, Traditional, and mystical meanings of the words, ceremonies, languages, gestures, postures, orientation, music, and signs of the Roman Catholic liturgy.  From the Ancient Church through the Medieval Church, from the Council of Trent through Vatican II, explore the practice, purpose, and development of the Holy Mass.

    7.  Renewals: Subscriptions will auto-renew based upon the billing interval you select, so you don't have to worry about the subscription suddenly "falling off."  You can update your subscription interval and credit card info in your customer portal if that needs to be updated (see below in the FAQs).

    Additional Notes: 
    8. Structure of the yearly Mass readings:  For those who may be new to our series, the Catholic Church has a 3 year cycle of Gospel Mass readings that goes through most of Matthew in one year ("Year A"), Mark in another ("Year B"), and Luke in the 3rd year ("Year C"). Then that cycle starts over again with each liturgical year beginning in Advent (usually late November).  A similar cycle is had for the 2nd reading as well over the course of 3 years. 

    9. This is a great resource for priests, deacons, teachers, Bible study leaders, and personal growth.

    10. This is also a great gift for your parish priests or deacons, family members, and friends: To gift this series, click here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I gift a subscription to someone? Learn more here on the subscription gift page.

    2. Do I need to subscribe at the beginning of the calendar year or liturgical year to get the most out of this series? Absolutely not. Subscribing at any point during the year is the perfect time. You'll have a access to all available videos in this series (previous ones as well) as long as your subscription is active. And, newly released videos moving forward don't assume you have watched prior videos. So, no matter what time of year it is, now is the perfect time to subscribe. 

    3. How do I access the videos after subscribing? While you will get an email explaining how to access them, you can click here to learn how to access the videos.

    4. Will I own these videos, outlines and transcripts? Since this is a digital subscription model, your subscription gives you access to the content, but not ownership.  For further explanation of the terms, kindly click here and read The Mass Readings Explained Series Subscription Policy.

    5. How do I update my credit card and/or pause/cancel my auto-renewing subscription? Log into your account, click on "My Account" at the top of the page (near the shopping cart icon), click on "My Subscriptions" red button, click "View Details" on your active subscription.  Here you can update your card information and/or pause or cancel your subscription near the bottom of the page. 

    6. If you have further questions, please email

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Customer Reviews

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Gerard Thibodeaux

The Mass Explained + The Mass Readings Explained (Discount)

Charlene McDowell
Mass Readings explained

I look forward to these emails. They always provide some insight that I hadn’t thought of. Especially helpful on Sundays!

Sheri Baumgartner
Use this weekly

I use this resource for Mass prep weekly. It has become an invaluable part of building my understanding of the readings and components of my faith. This was recommended to me by a woman in my Bible study, and I am ever so grateful she shared it!

Anne Jackovatz
Deepening my appreciation

The insights that Dr. Pitre shares are deepening my appreciation for the readings
and for the Mass. I am so grateful for his teaching.

Troy Collins

A must have.