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Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger (Signed by Gary Michuta)

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Great Book

Much updated from the previous edition.


If you want to know why Protestant bibles don’t have as many books as our bibles do, this is THE book to read. Gary Michuta’s book is thoroughly researched, yet written in a way that is very easy to follow. Even though this might seem like a dry subject, I was never bored with this book. Among many things, you will learn fascinating things about Martin Luther — things I’m sure your Lutheran friends aren’t aware of — including the fact that Luther conveniently mistranslated a key bible verse to suit his preferred theology. You’ll also learn how Luther used the “extra” Catholic books when it suited his purposes, but later sought to eliminate them from the canon when they did not agree with his ever-evolving theology. You’ll see that Jesus even quoted from these “extra” books himself. This is a must-read if you ever need to defend the Catholic canon of scriptures .


Very enriching and enlightening read. Highly recommended!


I had scarcely ordered the book when I received an email that it was on the way. Impressive! Anything Catholic Productions is tops! I quickly scanned the contents before I actually sit down for study and know I will need my Bible to relate to the numerous Scripture passages. It is not a quick read for me but a most worthwhile study.

Why Catholic Bibles are Bigger:

So far, so good! Just started reading!

  • Why do Catholic bibles have more books in their Old Testaments than Protestant and Jewish bibles? Did the Catholic Church add books to Scripture or did Protestantism remove them? What was the bible of the earliest Christians? Does my bible have the same books as the historic Christian bible?

    In this fascinating book, Gary Michuta takes the reader on a journey through history to find out what happened to these books of Scripture. Michuta traces the path of the Deuterocanon (apocrypha) from it pre-Christian roots through the Protestant Reformation to the nineteenth century and definitively settles the question of whether the Council of Trent added books to Scripture in reaction to Protestantism. Not since 1897 has there been a book, written by a Catholic, on the topic of the Old Testament. Many commonly held myths are exposed while uncovering many little known and surprising information concerning these lost books of the Protestant bible.

    "For years I have wished that someone would write an up-to-date Catholic study of the questions: How did we get the Bible? And did the Catholic Church really 'add' books to the Old Testament? Now we finally have one! In this excellent new book, Gary Michuta provides a detailed explanation of the origin of the Old Testament and why Catholic and Protestant Bibles are different. In it, he shows the indispensable role played by the Catholic Church in gathering and declaring which books belong to the canon of Sacred Scripture. Scholars and laity alike will learn a great deal from this fascinating analysis of a critical issue in apologetics and Church history."

    ~Dr. Brant Pitre
    (Professor of Sacred Scripture at Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans)

    "Ever been told that Catholics 'added' seven books to the Bible? Read this book and you'll have the ammunition you need to send that argument back to the outer darkness from whence it came. And, you will also have what you need to answer many other questions that often arise about the Christian canon of Scripture, as well. Gary Michuta has done a masterful job of drawing from Scripture, and numerous early Christian and non-Christian. writings, to show that the Catholic Church got it right after all. Surprise, surprise!"

    ~John Martignoni
    (Speaker, radio host)

    "Mr. Michuta has done exhaustive research into this important question. His findings will prove to be very valuable."

    ~Dr. William Riordan
    (Professor of philosophy and theology at Ave Maria University)

    "The canon of Scripture is the 'Achilles heel' for Protestant apologists. Gary Michuta shows us an airtight presentation of the historical facts surrounding the controversy. This work is comprehensive in its coverage of all of the issues surrounding the question of the canon, charitable and readable in its presentation, and a must read for anyone seriously considering the Christian Faith. Mr. Michuta has hit a home run for Catholic Apologetics and the propagation of the Faith."

    ~Tim Staples (Convert, author, radio host)

    383 pages

    Publisher: Catholic Answers, Inc. (2017)

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