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An Advent Retreat with Mary

• What does the Annunciation reveal to us about Jesus? 
• Who were the Magi? Why did they bring gifts to Jesus?
• How is Mary the New Ark of the Covenant?

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• What does the Annunciation reveal to us about Jesus? 
• Who were the Magi? Why did they bring gifts to Jesus?
• How is Mary the New Ark of the Covenant?

  • 2 hours 46 min. (4 CDs / MP3)

    In recent years, the song "Mary, Did You Know?" has become popular at Christmas time.  But what exactly did Mary know? As a first-century Jewish woman, how would she have understood the mysterious events that led up to the birth of Jesus? What are the Jewish roots of Christmas? 

    In this Advent Bible study and retreat, Dr. Brant Pitre takes you on a scriptural journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem by looking at Jesus through the eyes of the person closest to him: the Virgin Mary.  In it, you will learn about:

    The Annunciation: What would the announcement of the birth of Christ to Mary by Gabriel have meant in its original Jewish context? How would Mary have understood his words?

    The Visitation: What do the words of Elizabeth to Mary reveal about the ancient Jewish prophecies of the lost Ark of the Covenant? What light do they shed on the way Catholics pray to Mary?

    The Nativity: What would the "good news" have meant to Jews and pagans in the first-century? How does the mystery of Christ's birth foreshadow his death on the Cross and the Eucharist?

    Epiphany: Who were the Magi? How did Jesus fulfill pagan prophecies of the future King of the World? And what does the presence of the Wise men at Bethlehem reveal about  Mary's true identity?

    With each session, Dr. Pitre will help you to see the mysteries of Advent and Christmas through the eyes of Mary and with the mind of the Church. Above all, you will learn what Luke means when he says that "Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart" (Luke 2:19).

    So, if you're tired of rushing through Advent each year, and you'd like to enter more deeply into the Christmas season, then do yourself a favor: Go on 'retreat' this Advent with Mary, and let her help you prepare your heart and mind to celebrate the great feast of the Incarnation.

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An Advent Retreat with Mary

Advent retreat with Mary

Excellent material. As ever Dr Pitre has excelled himself

+ Bishop Stephen Robson

Advent Retreat with Mary

It is outstanding! My husband and I are learning so much.... the history gives us more understanding, and meaning, in order to appreciate the season more fully and to prepare for Christmas.

An Advent Retreat with Mary CD

Thank you very much, finally after 21 days from the date I ordered (13 November) I received today 3 December at 1 PM AEST the CD. I was thinking there are so many orders that you have to serve America first. And also you did not promise to deliver it immediately otherwise it will be promise kept. I ordered it thinking I will be able to get some insight that I could share during my talk in the Advent Retreat last Saturday 1 December. Anyway I can still use it next year, God's word does not pass away. This could also be a good talk back topic over the radio. What experience did you have on online buying? Thank you very much and may the coming of Jesus bring you more blessings and wish you a peaceful, healthy, and productive 2019. By the way may I suggest that you sell your products to St. Francis Catholic Bookstore Melbourne, Australia, it will be faster to get the book we want and cheaper i.e no postage fee.Thanks again, Leoncio Sosa

Hi Leoncio. Thank you for your feedback and I am sorry for the delay. We did ship this out on November 14th, which was 1 day after your order. I am not sure why, but it took the USPS until the 25th for it leave the country and it arrived in Australia on the 27th. It then took until Dec. 3 for it to arrive to you. Unfortunately sometimes with international shipments this happens (especially this time of year) so I am sorry again for the delay.
Great perspective

Well written and offers a deeper scriptural perspective I had not seen before!