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The Mass Readings Explained

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"The explanations are absolutely eye opening and give me such a wonderful understanding that I never had before. My appreciation of the gospels has blossomed with these videos. Thank you so much Dr. Brant Pitre."
~Mary Marshall


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Contemplation with Mary

Very insightful and helpful

A Class Act!!!

I have been ordering books, Bible studies, mass explanations, and e-videos from Catholic Productions for about 2 years now. Everything I have ordered from this company has been exceptionally well done! I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to learn more about our faith. I converted about 35 years ago but didn't fall in love with the Catholic Church until I stumbled across Catholic Productions. They produce the highest quality of work and present some of the best Catholic speakers I have ever seen.

A Biblical Explanation of the Mass

Fantastic Study!

This was my first study with Dr. Steven Smith and I LOVED IT. I have many studies with Dr. Pitre and Bergsma and initially was hesitant to try a new teacher/lecturer. But this study is FANTASTIC. Detailed, packed with info and and very helpful. Dr. Steven Smith is awesome!


Dr. Bergsma was one one of my favorite professors for my Masters in Theology; he never disappoints, fantastic!