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Letting Customers Speak for Us

4686 reviews

A Biblical Tour of Heaven

Always wonderful

Thanks for a great talk with so much to add to my study bible. Worth the time to listen, enjoy and learn.

Jesus and the End of Times: A Catholic View on the Last Days.

How to Get through the Bible in an Hour/ Dr Bergsma; The Old Testament-A Historical & Theological...

Dr Bergsma’s presentation IN AN HOUR was terrific & the Excerpts/Outlines were a great benefit-; Dr Pitre’s’Faith & Works’ according to StPaul and StJames was engaging / but I am unable to have my Evangelical friends listen to it all the way through as they try to change the parameters and move to ‘Purgatory is not in the Bible’… I will get to Dr Pitre’s “Old Testament “ study in June….

Great products

Catholic Productions always has great products to offer. Not just books but videos and audio recordings. Ordering products is a very easy process.