Exodus: A Bible Study


• What is the meaning of God's name given to Moses?
• Do all Christians have the same list of 10 commandments?
• What is the meaning of the plagues in the Book of Exodus?

CP 115

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  • 1 hour 54 min. (2 CDs / MP3)

    In this two part Bible study, Dr. Pitre presents a whirlwind tour of one of the most exciting and important books of the Old Testament: the Book of Exodus. Along with an overview of the Book of Exodus, you will learn answers to questions such as:

    • What is the Hebrew meaning of the Divine Name that God gives to Moses?
    • Why does God strike Egypt with such miraculous plagues?
    • What is the true meaning of the Passover ritual and the death of the firstborn son?
    • How can Catholics fill their churches with statues when God commands Moses, "Thou shalt not make a graven image"?
    • Why do Catholics and Protestants have different lists of the ten commandments?

    If you would like to increase your understanding of the Old Testament, then this Bible study is for you.

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