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Life After Death: A Bible Study on the 7 Last Things


• What does the Bible say about Life after Death?
• What are the 7 Last things in the Catechism?
• What is the "New Creation" that we speak of in the Creed?

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  • 7 hours 28 min. (7 CDs / MP3)

    Have you ever wondered what happens when we die? Is there really life after death? And if so, what is it like? Do heaven and hell really exist, or are they just figments of Christian imagination? These are questions that are asked by every person at some point in their lives, even unbelievers and atheists. And in this one-of-a-kind Bible Study, Dr. Brant Pitre gives you the answers - straight from the Bible.

    As Dr. Pitre will show, the full belief of the Catholic Church about Life after Death actually goes beyond the traditional “Four Last Things” - Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell - to include the mysteries of Purgatory, the Resurrection, and the New Creation. After listening to this Bible study, you will never see the final line of the Creed in the same way. If you’re going to die - like we all are - and you’ve ever wondered what’s next, then this Bible study is for you.

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Life After Death: A Bible Study on the Last 7 Things

We are in the process of listening to the CD's for this Bible Study. What we have already listened to are WONDERFUL. There is a lot to take in but Thank God for Dr. Pitre for his wonderful work. Once we completely listen to all 7 CD's we will have more to say.

Great information for anyone and everyone!

Excellent, highly relevant material, clearly and engagingly presented.

Life After Death

Excellent content!

Vintage Pitre

Dr Pitre never fails to teach the Faith, and here he does so on that neglected part of the Creed that involves eschatology: the Last Things.

The last things

Very good , easy to understand, very quick delivery