The Old Testament: A Historical and Theological Journey through Jewish Scripture


• What was the ancient world of the Old Testament like?
• What are those "dark passages" of the O.T. about?
• What prophecies of the Messiah are there in the O.T.?

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    Have you ever tried to read the Old Testament from start to finish and failed? Does reading it make you feel like you’re in a foreign land, where you don’t understand the language, the customs, the people, and places? If so, then you’re probably like many Christians, who would like to know more about the Old Testament, but who find when reading it that it is downright hard to understand.

    In this exciting Bible study, Dr. Brant Pitre takes you on a personal ‘guided tour’ of the essential people, places, and events in the Old Testament. Over the course of this journey, you will discover the basic keys that every Catholic needs to understand the Old Testament, as well as insights into important and controversial issues such as:

    The Origin of the Old Testament: How did we get the Old Testament, and why do different Christians have different books in their canons?

    Historical Reliability: Did the Exodus really happen, or is it a myth? Did King David exist, or has archeology proven him to be a legend? What about Genesis and the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

    Holy War and the “Dark Passages”: How should we understand the difficult parts of the Old Testament, such as its descriptions of polygamy and holy war?

    Typology: How are the persons, places, and events in the Old Testament fulfilled in the New Testament and the Catholic Church?

    Prophecies of the Messiah: What are the major prophecies of the Messiah in the Old Testament? How are they interpreted by Jews and Christians, and how are they fulfilled in Christ?

    The Seven Covenants: What are the seven major covenants of the Old Testament? And how do they reveal God’s plan for all humanity?

    In this course, Dr. Pitre’ goal is to give you the “big picture” of salvation history and typology in the old covenant. If you ever wanted to learn how the New Testament is concealed in the Old and the Old Testament is revealed in the New, then this is the Bible study for you.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Absolutely amazing Bible Study...

I am still listening to the lectures by Dr. Pitre. No doubt, this is another one of his masterpieces. His lectures are so illuminating, that I usually listen to them more than once. I have learned so much from Dr. Pitre that I am able to discuss Catholicism with anyone with confidence! Very grateful to you, Dr. Pitre.

So deep, but Pitre makes it easy to understand.

I am learning more than I realized I would. Not only about Old Testament, but about our Catholic faith and teachings of the Church. Fantastic series.

Old Testament

This is an excellent overview of the OT in the classroom setting that draws you into the discussion and makes me feel that I am there.
Dr. Pitre’s belief as a Faithful Catholic permeates the classroom and adds a refreshing insight to the Bible with the hermeneutic of belief that strengths my own faith and impels me to go out and shout from the roof tops “the Bible is true and you can believe it”.
Dr Pitre’s energetic and enlightening personality comes through his talks and I have listened to them three times already and each time I listen I hear something that I didn’t hear the last time.
God bless you Dr Pitre.


The Old Testament: A Historical and Theological Journey through Jewish Scripture

One of the best things I have ever ordered

This gives such a great understanding of why the Old Testament is still very much, as it always was, a part of the Sacred Scripture. Dr. Pitre has such humility in the way he delivers his lectures. He makes it easy to understand and has helped me gain a deeper understanding of why I am Catholic.