But Did It Really Happen? The Historical Reliability of the Bible


• What does the manuscript evidence say about the Bible?
• What archaeological evidence exists for Biblical events?
• Does the Old Testament depict historical events?

CP 282

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  • 2 hours 25 min. (2 CDs / MP3)

    The Bible tells a lot of great stories, but did any of it really happen?  In other words, is the Bible history or fiction?  Dr. Bergsma tackles this question head-on in this series of talks.  Starting from the New Testament, Dr. Bergsma works his way back in time, showing that we can be confident about the historical reporting of the Gospels, and that the truth of the Old Testament, too, has been confirmed by many striking finds.  This series will strengthen your faith and give you many talking points for family and friends who are searching for truth.

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