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Why We Believe: Answering Common Questions about the Catholic Faith

• Are the teachings of the Catholic Church biblical?
• Why should we believe in the existence of God?
• Did Jesus claim to be God?

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• Are the teachings of the Catholic Church biblical?
• Why should we believe in the existence of God?
• Did Jesus claim to be God?

  • 5 hours 11 min. (8 CDs / 8 DVDs / MP3)
    [DVD1: 36 min, DVD2: 40 min, DVD3: 38 min, DVD4: 36, DVD5: 43 min, DVD6: 40 min, DVD7: 43 min, DVD8: 36 min]

    Is Catholicism true? Or is it just made up? How can I explain the faith to my family or friends who no longer believe?

    In this mind-blowing series, Dr. Brant Pitre takes up the most commonly asked questions about the Catholic faith and provides clear and compelling biblical answers. He begins at the beginning--with the existence of God--and walks you step-by-step through the foundations of the faith.  Along the way, Dr. Pitre explains:

    Does God Exist? How can we know it?
    Is Jesus God? Did Jesus claim to be God? And why should we believe him?
    Peter and the Papacy?  Did Jesus establish the Catholic Church? What is the historical evidence?
    How Did We Get the Bible?  From where did the Bible come? Who decided which books got in and which didn't?
    Is the Eucharist Jesus’ Real Presence? What does the Bible teach about Jesus' Real Presence in the Eucharist?
    Why Confess to a Priest? Did Jesus arrange for us to confess our sins to a priest of the new covenant?
    Do Catholics Worship Mary? What does the Bible teach about her?
    Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead? Where is Purgatory in the Bible? Why do Catholics pray for the dead?

    If you've ever been asked any of these questions but weren't quite sure how to answer -- or if you know someone who has left the Church and no longer believes, then buckle up: this Bible study is for you. In it, you'll discover how just reasonable, biblical, and beautiful the Catholic faith really is.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

One of the best series on the market. Presentations are on the mark in every respect. Should be used by every parish in the nation.


everything I expected.

Wonderful introduction to apologetics for our time!

This is a great series to use for catechesis and discussion in small groups - I will be using it to appeal to moms of young children to help them understand and appreciate the beauty and intellectual integrity of the Faith, as well as fostering Catholic friendships. Thank you Dr. Pitre!!

Awesome!!! Wonderful!!!

Another incredible presentation by Dr. Pitre! I'm currently offering this DVD-based Apologetics Study at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Austin, Texas. Praise be to God that we currently have 152 registrants! We kicked off this 8-week study last week with tremendous success....our Parishioners and Parishioners from surrounding Parishes are still signing up! Dr. Pitre has a beautiful gift of explaining the faith in a way that is easy to understand and very inspiring. Inspiring due to the apparent love he has for teaching truth, and for sharing his love for the Church. Thank you Dr. Pitre, and thank you Catholic Productions for communicating the truth, beauty and goodness of the Catholic faith!!! God's blessings to you all. Gina S.

Awesome in every way!

So far, the media is very educational and well produced. The service from Catholic productions was timely with good communication regarding delivery and billing. Unfortunately, the case was damaged presumably in shipping. But I did not buy the case but the contents so all is good! Thank You!!

Hi Raymond. I am sorry for the damaged case and will send out a replacement today. Thank you for the kind feedback!