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Jesus of Nazareth: A Biblical Christology

• Are the Gospels historically reliable?
• Who was Jesus & what did he do in his public ministry?
• What did Jesus mean by "the Kingdom of God"?

CP 135

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• Are the Gospels historically reliable?
• Who was Jesus & what did he do in his public ministry?
• What did Jesus mean by "the Kingdom of God"?

  • 23 hours 3 min. (22 CDs / MP3)

    In this exciting audio set, Dr. Brant Pitre takes you on an in-depth exploration of the person who stands at the heart of Christianity: Jesus Christ. Drawing on his graduate level Christology lectures and his knowledge of Scripture and official Church teaching, this course answers essential theological questions such as:

    • Who wrote the four Gospels? Are they historically reliable? What is the Church’s official teaching on this question?
    • What does the Catholic Church teach about Creation and the Fall? Why is it so important to Christology?
    • What is the Christology of the Old Testament? How are the prophecies of the Old Testament fulfilled in Christ?
    • What are the four main reasons God became Incarnate?
    • What do the Christological Councils teach us about the person of Christ?
    • Did Jesus know he was the Messiah? Did he know he was divine? What is the biblical evidence? Why have many modern scholars doubted his Messiahship and Divinity?
    • What did Jesus mean by “The Kingdom of God”?
    • How did the death of Christ effect our Redemption? Why was it necessary?
    • What is the meaning of the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus?

    In addition to these key issues, Dr. Pitre will present detailed study of major episodes from the life of Christ. You will see the mysteries of Jesus’ Baptism, Temptation, Transfiguration, and Crucifixion like you have never seen them before.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Bernard Weir

Dr. Pitre is great. Although I had no reason to, I expected that all of the course would be about the Scriptures, as in the case of Pitre's course on St. Paul. Much of this course will involve the Catechism and heresies. If that's what you are looking for, this will be great, but Pitre also has other studies available here that are more properly Bible studies. One other thing: a number of handouts are referred to in the lectures that are not provided with the excerpt/outline. Those handouts, from the sound of things, would make the study easier to follow. There is also quite a bit of in-class discussion that is not audible to the listener. Even so, this is a valuable resource, and I am grateful for the work Pitre is doing to make the Scriptures more available.

mary cole
Gospel of matthew

Absolutely fabulous 👌

Marc Guitard
Jesus of Nazareth

Very informative and well presented! Thanks Brant!

Geralyn Hall

I have not received it yet, as I requested mailing after March 1st. I was gone on a Holy Land Pilgrimage!

It is showing it arrived March 8th, so hopefully you now have it!

David Loesch
Jesus of Nazareth

This is a wonderful expose' of our Lord Jesus Christ's mission and life. Dr. Pitre provides an understandable version of our savior's life that is comparable to that of Pope Benedict XVI's "Jesus of Nazareth." I highly recommend this to all Catholics for Dr. Pitre's insights and every day applicability.