Jesus and the End Times: A Catholic View of the Last Days

• What does the Catholic Church teach about the end times?
• Is the idea of "the rapture" a Biblical concept?
• How does one read the Book of Revelation?

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    Have you ever wondered what the Bible teaches about what will happen at the End of Time? Many Catholics have heard about “the Rapture,” the coming of the “Anti-christ,” and the Second Coming, but are unsure exactly what to believe about these topics. Moreover, while Protestant Christians are often well-versed in the study of the “end times,” Catholics are often unfamiliar with what the Bible actually teaches. Many Christians are unaware that the Catholic Church has very explicit teachings about the Tribulation, the Antichrist, the Second Coming, and the New Creation.

    In this detailed Bible study on the end times, Dr. Pitre brings clarity and precision to the confusion that frequently surrounds the doctrine of the end times, by answering crucial questions such as:

    • What is the meaning of Jesus’ prophecies of tribulation and the coming of the Son of Man? Are we in the “end times” now?

    • Why did Jesus prophesy the destruction of the Temple, and how does it relate to the End of the World?
    • Is the Protestant belief in a secret “Rapture” a biblical teaching or a false doctrine?
    • What will the Final Judgment be like, and how will we be judged?

    If you’ve ever wondered about where this world is heading and what the ultimate destiny of humanity is, then you don’t want to miss this powerful study of the truth about what the Bible and the Catholic Church teach about the last days.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Dr. Pitted does not disappoint!

Just like his commentaries called “Mass Readings Explained”, this study gives insights that lead to deeper understanding in an accessible format.

catholic view on the end times

I ordered the MP3 of this study as I listen to talks, podcasts, audiobooks, throughout the day. Dr. Brant Pitre does a great job in presenting and explaining Revelation to the layperson. Coming from a Protestant upbringing (Catholic for 1+ years now), Revelation was always a mystery with the antichrist and rapture; hearing and realizing that both don't even occur in Revelation was a revelation.



A whole new perspective.

Years ago I read Scott Hahn’s, The Lamb’s Supper, and it really opened my eyes to some things I never saw or thought of before, but this series really gave me a new perspective by linking the first century and the eschaton together. It was really profound to see how providence and history are united. God is in control, and yet we have to live in time and space and make our way through it all. We walk by faith!! Excellent!!


I have not listened to this CD set yet, but Brant Pitre is always excellent. I did have a complaint about the plastic case being broken. The CDs themselves appear to be OK, but I was wondering if I could get a replacement empty plastic case to hold them in?

Hi Gary! I will get a replacement case out to you today. Thank you for your patience given this added delay.