The Fourth Cup and The New Passover

• How did Jesus unite the Last Supper to the Crucifixion?
• How is the Mass not just a meal but also a "sacrifice"?
• Did Jesus finish the Last Supper or was it left incomplete?

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    Every year at Easter time, many Christians celebrate the Jewish Passover meal, known as the Seder, in order to reenact what it might have been like at the Last Supper. In this Bible study given at the 2010 Word of God Conference, Dr. Brant Pitre will take you step by step through what the Passover sacrifice and the Passover meal were like at the time of Jesus. In this riveting journey into the Jewish roots of Christianity, Dr. Pitre explores questions such as:

    • What was Passover like at the time of Jesus?
    • What exactly did Peter and John do when they went into Jerusalem to “prepare the Passover”?
    • Why were the Passover lambs “crucified” in the shape of a cross?
    • Why were four cups of wine required for every Passover?
    • What were the stages of the Passover “Order”? How do they correspond to the “Order” of the Mass?
    • What psalms did Jesus sing at the Last Supper? How do they reveal the mystery of his Passion?
    • Did Jesus actually finish the Last Supper? When did he drink the fourth Passover cup?

    During the Protestant Reformation, the Reformers rejected the idea that the Eucharist is a sacrifice. In this study, Dr. Pitre shows how the Jewish Passover is the key to understanding the Eucharist as both a meal and a sacrifice. By seeing the Last Supper through Jewish eyes, you will learn how Jesus transformed what would have otherwise been simply a Roman execution into a Passover sacrifice—the new Passover of the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.


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Nothing but the Truth, The New Passover

If you have ears to hear, listen to what Dr. Pitre tells us about The Lord's Supper, the Memorial, The New Passover. The Truth about what Jesus was doing at the time of the Passover, installing the New Passover and today's sacrifice at Mass. Love It!

The Fourth Cup and the New Passover

From the viewpoint of a committed Catholic who is a catechist and Bible Study Leader, I say “THANK YOU” Dr. Pitre for a complete and careful presentation of the Biblical and 1st Century Jewish details of the Last Supper. It is informative; by that I mean that the information and the presentation not only widened my understand of the Last Supper scriptures, it also encouraged a meditation on the great Love of Our Savior for the Apostles, those who would come to believe through them in Him, and His great Love for me personally. I cannot ask more from any Bible study resource. An opportunity for grace!

The Fourth Cup

Absolutely Loved the talk... after hearing Dr. Scott's take on it... this is one step closer.

Good name

As a Hebrew "cradle" Catholic ....the info was spot on.....I know Judaism....I really like the way Dr. Pitre ties everything together and makes the truth plain and simple...well done

Excellent talk

Dr Pittre never disappoints! Excellent video