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Jesus, the Glory of God: A Complete Introduction to St. John's Writings

CP 208

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Customer Reviews

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Jesus, the Glory of God: A Complete Introduction to St. John's Writings

I thought this was an excellent course. Dr. Smith always does such a good job of explaining Scripture and other writings. Throughout this course, he recommends outside reading of other authors on the subject--one of them was Ignace de La Potterie's "The Hour of Jesus". What a treasure of a book! Dr. Smith has really helped my understanding of John's writings. Hope he does more courses like this. This is the 2nd course series of his that I bought and I have not been disappointed.



  • 16 hours 33 min. (15 CDs / MP3)

    Who, according to Holy Scripture, has "seen God?" The answer may surprise you -- and open the door to an uplifting biblical adventure into the world of Saint John the Apostle! In this series, join Dr. Smith as he plunges into ALL FIVE BOOKS books of the NT attributed to St. John. In this series, you will:

    • Study all 21 chs. of John from a Catholic biblical scholar - learning 7 key themes that unite the entire Gospel
    • Learn fresh insights from Judaism about the "Bread of Life" discourse
    • Discover exciting connections between Jesus' High Priestly Prayer and the "Our Father" that may nourish your prayer life
    • Understand the "schisms" of I John - and how we can avoid such threats today
    • Terrified of Revelation? Don't be! This fast-moving series concludes with a Catholic perspective on the Apocalypse." Dr. Smith's historical + theological insights will help unlock the mysteries and symbols of the book.

    FREE 100+ pg Study Guide (teaching outline for ea CD; questions for individual / group study) available through Catholic Productions.

    Dr. Smith's conversational-yet-focused approach will assure that you'll feel at ease about what you're learning, even through challenging topics. His down-to-earth style and love of the Catholic faith will inspire you to go deeper into Scripture - and get more out of it.

    Don't forget to check out Dr. Smith's book, The Word of the Lord: 7 Essential Principles for Catholic Scripture Study.

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Loved it

I learn so much from Dr Pitre in general. I own a few of his books & have listened to his talks on YouTube & I appreciate the way he teaches. I decided to purchase this study (in addition to another one for Advent, with Mary)seeing as we're approaching Advent 2021 & I'm so glad I did. It didn't disappoint. I'm back on here purchasing 4 more! I appreciate his style & method of explaining things.

Nothing Dead here. Interesting and insightful here.

I thought the CD was great. It offered me much to think about and ponder about our Lord while he was on this earth.

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Advent

Brilliant, challenging, comprehensive, uplifting!

Case for Jesus

This was the first book I bought and read of Dr. Pitre’s. I found it really accessible. It was easy to follow and well written. This introduction to Dr. Pitre and his skill at communicating his knowledge in a way that is easy to follow has led me to continue to study with more of his works.

Jesus and the End Times

With all the events happening in the world today, I enjoyed and received peace of mind hearing the Catholic view of the end times.