Is Salvation Guaranteed? Defending the Faith Series: Volume 1


• Does the Bible teach that one can never lose his salvation?
• What does the "once saved always saved" belief assume?
• Do Jesus, Paul, and James contradict one another?

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  • 3 hours 25 minutes (4 CDs / MP3)

    There is perhaps no other subject more confusing and frustrating for Catholics to discuss with Protestants than salvation and the role of faith and good works. Invariably, conversations go around in circles concluding with neither party feeling that they had come any closer to reaching a mutual understanding than when they had begun. Gary Michuta provides a solid approach to help Catholics effectively explain why the Catholic understanding of salvation and the role of faith and good works is both reasonable and preeminently biblical. This four course set covers topics such as:

    • Why the issue of faith and works needs to be settled before any other subject is discussed
    • How the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura (Bible alone) affects the way Protestants interpret the Bible
    • How the Protestant understanding of "Scripture interprets Scripture" renders solid Catholic proof texts (e.g., James 2:24) ineffective
    • Why many Protestants seem to both affirm and deny the necessity of good works in conversations
    • What are "trump verses" and how do these verses affect the way most Protestants understand the Bible?
    • Does St. Paul really condemn good works?
    • Was practicing the Old Testament ceremonial law a good work? Why did this ceremonial law contradict faith?
    • Does the Bible teach that a true believer can never lose his salvation?

    Michuta provides solid answers to these and other questions in this detailed and fascinating course in Catholic apologetics.

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Gary Michuta has such a great way of breaking things down to understandable terms, and his work always helps me to be able to share my faith with charity. I have a personal struggle with being able to charitably share my faith with non-Catholics, but Gary Michuta helps me with this struggle with his emphasis on the true doctrine of the Church and how we can share it lovingly in efforts to grow the Mystical Body of Christ, His Church.


Is Salvation Guaranteed? Defending the Faith Series: Volume 1


Is Salvation Guaranteed? Defending the Faith Series: Volume 1



Romans 3:28? Ephesians 2:8-9? John 3:16? Titus 3:5? Protestants are missing the mark on what thes...

Listening to this lecture really helped me to fill in the holes in my understanding of Catholic Christian Salvation. Together with Brant Pitre's "What Must I Do To Be Saved? The New Perspective on Paul and the Catholic Doctrine of Justification" (which really complements this instruction well), I was able to have an "aha!" moment in knowing how every thing works in our Salvation and Justification, and be better equipped to explain it to a Protestant in a meaningful way. I think that when one masters these two presentations, no Catholic Christian will be a sitting duck anymore for some Protestant to pick off by allegedly showing the Catholic "what the Bible really says". Rather, on the contrary, it will be more the Protestant that will be the sitting duck being shown by a Catholic Christian "what the Bible really says" about salvation and justification. The Bible does not support at all the invented novel doctrine of "imputed forensic justification by faith alone." It only does so through the lens filter of a handful of favored Protestant scriptures at the expense of ignoring the rest of the scriptures (or reinterpreting scriptures to conform to the favored primary Protestant passages). How convenient. Yet, these two resources I mentioned will blow the lid off of that gunk, and have you seeing things more clearly to undermine any Protestant effort to convert you, and turn the tables on them instead.