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The House of the Lord: A Biblical Theology of the Temple in the Old and New Testaments

CP 248

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Customer Reviews

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Brenton Ertel
Strong Biblical Theology

A great overview the biblical theme of the 'Temple' throughout Scripture.

Victor Havel
Dr. Smith is a Prophet

I heard about this course a while ago and always wondered why the temple and priesthood figured so largely into each book of the Bible. Why do our protestant friends not see the liturgical and "religious" dimension to all of Scripture? Thanks to this course, I can turn to the Old Testament and truly experience its richness and wonder. I can pray the divine office as a member of the "Heavenly Jerusalem". I wanted to wait until the right time to listen to it. Temple theology is key to the total understanding of Jesus and His mission. The content is substantial and deeply researched. I am enjoying every minute and feel inspired beyond belief to study and pray the Word of God every chance I can get. Thank you, Dr.Smith and CP. I feel as though I have embarked on what will become a lifelong journey that will lead me gracefully from middle age (44 years old) to my last breath.

Michael Smith
Amazing Place - How Sweet the Sound

This is a wonderful audio course. A fantastic study on Temple Theology, understanding the Temple motif throughout the Old and New Testament, and its relevance to the salvation history. Get this study. You will be amazed!

Richard Kingston

The House of the Lord: A Biblical Theology of the Temple in the Old and New Testaments

House of the Lord class set

Dr. Smith does an amazing job explaining how the Temple figures in all of salvation history. I thoroughly enjoyed this class set, and I greatly appreciate the fantastic handout pdf provided with this set. Very well done!

  • 25 hours 23 min. (20 CDs / MP3)

    Jesus lived "in the shadow of the Jewish Temple." At the center of His identity and spirituality was the reality of the Temple. In this fast-moving and in-depth series, join Dr. Smith (and his audience of seminarians) and discover:

    • The "Temple of Creation" in Genesis -- and how we were created to "fill the earth" with God's temple presence. How Adam was created as God's original high priest -- and what the OT priesthood looked like before Aaron.
    • Delve into a detailed exposition of the Levitical priesthood: How many were there? How long did they serve? Who were the non-priestly "Levitical" men? Likewise, explore the holy Tabernacle and Temple "room by room." What were its furnishings and many sacrifices, and how do they point forward to our Catholic faith?
    • The promise of the Temple to its eventual destruction … to the Jewish hopes of the Messiah to "rebuild" the Temple … to Jesus' actions in the Temple … to His Passion and Resurrection.

    It's all here in glorious color, with rich insights from Scripture, the Church fathers, mystics, and wise theologians … culminating in the vision of the Temple of the heavenly Jerusalem. Dr. Smith will also explain how "temple theology" impacted the architecture and worship of earliest Christianity.

  • Yotpo
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Loved every second of listening to all my CDs. Thank you!

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As always, Dr. Pitre teaches in a well thought out and structured talk that keeps my attention from the start to the finish. I have learned so much from Dr. Pitre's many books and videos. The Origin of the Bible is the best video that I have watched on the subject.