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Psalm Basics for Catholics: Seeing Salvation History in a New Way (Signed by Dr. Bergsma)

• What is a "Psalm" and who wrote them?
• How do the Psalms fit into the story of salvation?
• What prophecies of Jesus do the Psalms contain?

CP 292

• What is a "Psalm" and who wrote them?
• How do the Psalms fit into the story of salvation?
• What prophecies of Jesus do the Psalms contain?

  • In his third back-to-basics look at the Bible, popular theology professor and bestselling Catholic author and speaker, John Bergsma, highlights the presence of Jesus in the psalms and helps us understand their meaning in light of the story of salvation.

    Bergsma employs the same conversational style and simple illustrations found in Bible Basics for Catholics and New Testament Basics for Catholics to help bridge the gap between the world of contemporary Catholics and the ancient world of the Bible.

    In Psalm Basics for Catholics, John Bergsma introduces us to King David, the story of Israel, and the salvation of the Jewish people through the coming of Jesus. For more than two thousand years, Christians have sung, chanted, and prayed the psalms, a practice of worship inherited from our Jewish ancestors in faith. Whether prayed during Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, or in personal reflection, these ancient hymns continue to be a guiding light for Catholics. Yet, rarely do we step back and look at how the psalms fit into the story of salvation revealed in the Bible the way Bergsma does here.

    Bergsma also addresses common questions about the psalms, including:

              • Do the psalms really predict Jesus?
              • What do we make of the so-called curse psalms?
              • Why do we pray the psalms in the Liturgy of the Hours?
              • How do I read and pray the psalms?

    Bergsma's insightful, practical examination of the psalms helps Catholics see how their promise is fulfilled in Christ.

    Paperback: 160 pages
    Publisher: Ave Maria Press (March 16, 2018)

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Zola
I Never Knew This about the book of Psalms!

They are from different books and compiled together. Theres a way to see them in a new light now that John has grouped them according to their origins. He highlights the authors of each grouping and time periods, and even the emotional rollercoaster that parallels the Messianic prophecies. It is beautifully laid out. The simplistic artwork just sticks with you. Even after the first read I'll have the illustrations stuck in my memory forever. God bless. I highly recommend!

Psalm Basics for Catholics

This is a great book giving an overview of the Psalms. In John Bergsma's style of simplicity without dumbing down the topic. This is a fantastic overview and I learnt so much that I'm still digesting it. It lives up to it's title "For Catholics" - totally recommended.

2nd copy

Liked it enough that I gave it to a catechumen

Ann Lynch
Psalm Basics for Catholics

What a joy to have this little book in Dr Bergsma’s clear, thoughtful presenting style. I can share this with my adult grandchildren who are evangelising their parents.

David Montague
Psalms Basics for Catholics

I really enjoyed this book. Dr. Bergsma did a fantastic job of breaking down the psalms and their meaning.