The Crucifixion: A Marital Act, A Priestly Act

• When you look at a crucifix, what do you see?
• How is the crucifixion a high priestly act?
• How do the gospels depict the crucifixion as a marriage?

CP 154

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  • 1 hour (1 CD / 1 DVD / MP3)

    Are marriage and the priesthood “opposites” of each other? Are they two opposing and exclusive ways to serve God? Or, are they somehow profoundly linked to one another?

    In this presentation given at the 2009 Word of God Conference, Dr. Bergsma, former Protestant pastor and now Professor of Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, examines the passion story of the Gospel of John, showing the unexpected and surprising ways that John reveals Jesus as both priest and bridegroom at the Cross. Married couples and priests alike will benefit from this moving reflection on the way both sacraments—Matrimony and Holy Orders—participate in the self-sacrifice of the crucified Christ.

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