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But Did It Really Happen? The Historical Reliability of the Bible

• What does the manuscript evidence say about the Bible?
• What archaeological evidence exists for Biblical events?
• Does the Old Testament depict historical events?

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• What does the manuscript evidence say about the Bible?
• What archaeological evidence exists for Biblical events?
• Does the Old Testament depict historical events?

  • 2 hours 25 min. (2 CDs / MP3)

    The Bible tells a lot of great stories, but did any of it really happen?  In other words, is the Bible history or fiction?  Dr. Bergsma tackles this question head-on in this series of talks.  Starting from the New Testament, Dr. Bergsma works his way back in time, showing that we can be confident about the historical reporting of the Gospels, and that the truth of the Old Testament, too, has been confirmed by many striking finds.  This series will strengthen your faith and give you many talking points for family and friends who are searching for truth.

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Customer Reviews

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The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish Roots of the Church

I love it. Bergsma is a very astute historian yet had much devotion to the Lord. I am currently on lecture 3. So much to learn here...

Jesus: Not a mythical figure!

Are gospel stories just myths? Or at best, adaptive stories seen through the “faith-lens” of early Christian communities, - churches besieged by their current problems? Were they written too late from the actual events? Can we even know who wrote them? Did Jesus actually exist?

I purchased this short study by Dr. John Bergsma, hoping for at least some direction to my questions, but I got more than what I expected. I got answers. This study is a historical gem! Dr. John Bergsma excellently presented convincing, evidence-based, historical, verifiable facts that highlights the reliability of the gospels, the Acts and the Old Testament!

After going through this study, the gospel narratives come alive! The historical details stand out! The biblical scenery becomes vivid! The words are “enfleshed!” The Gospel narratives are historically RELIABLE! It is amazing! I see more clearly; I hear more loudly, the face and voice of Jesus, through the words of His eyewitnesses. The Word comes to life! And my faith is fortified! Jesus DID exist! Jesus DID resurrect! And He is now seated at the right hand of the Father! Thank you Dr. John Bergsma.


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Great facts and insights!

Dr. Bergsma always mixes great scholarship with a fun and easy way to learn. Never shallow! This talk gives us the tools to deal with a very important topic. Get this talk and enjoy!

Great Summary

Dr. Bergsma's talk is excellent. I had been having discussions with a person who didn't believe in the Bible. Said it was all myths. This talk by Dr Bergsma is just what I needed to cross reference historical facts with biblical times. Also showed how 5800 copies of scripture outnumbers several texts by equivalent secular writers of the the time. Shows high confidence that the bible is real, correct, and not prone to additions through time. My friend was duly impressed with my new found knowledge. Still working on him. Thanks Dr Bergsma.

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Jesus and the end times.

Our Bible Study group went through Jeff Cavins production. It was great also. I haven't finished all 11 discs yet, but plan to do so any day now. What I did listen to is exceptional indeed and I expect the remain to be likewise. Thank you Brant for all your lessons.

Lesson for all Bible studies

The talk by Dr Pitre helped me to better understand the remarks about the Jews returning to the Promised Land. He tells how it happens.

the passover

great teachings learnt so much from Brandt in my time of listening to him !

On the road to Emmaus

Excellent! We did it to end our six weeks of DVDs on Holy Thursday. We had used your other tapes on the roots of the Eucharist, the 4th cup and the passion week beginning on Palm Sunday, a set of two. It worked out very well! Thanks for putting these together and my Bible group really loves to see And learn from the DVDs that you do when we gather

Theologically rich and beautiful!

This talk was not a great biblical resource, but a fountain of grace during the Triduum. It's an amazing theological talk, but also beautiful. Can't recommend enough!