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The Power of the Tongue

CP 309

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Customer Reviews

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Don't miss

I think one shouldn't miss Mary Healys two talks available on CP. They are a good start. I wish there would be more of them. Don't miss.

Great message!

Dr. Mary Healy is as great a scholar as she is a spirit-filled talker. In this talk, she brings to life a message that is so important for our time. Not only all the biblical details, but the part about the power of praise is specially touching. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Barry Morkel

The Power of the Tongue

Loretta Guy on

The power of he tongue

Rosanna Forrest
Power of the Tongue

Very good

  • 42 min. (1 CD / MP3)

    Scripture has much to say about the power of the tongue. Our tongues can be used to build up or to tear down; to direct people’s thoughts to what is good and true and noble, or to what is evil and deceptive and base. Scripture exhorts us to “tame our tongue” as an immensely important part of growing in virtue. In this talk, Dr. Mary Healy unpacks the biblical teaching on the tongue, especially from the Letter of St. James. Find out:

    • Some common sins of the tongue that we may not even be aware of
    • How we can put into practice the biblical teaching on taming the tongue
    • A great biblical example of using the tongue for loving confrontation
    • The amazing power of praise

    Using practical examples, Dr. Healy shows how we can apply these scriptural insights to our own lives and gain authority over our use of the tongue.

  • Yotpo