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From Peter to the Papacy - Defending the Faith Series: Volume 3


• Did Peter receive a title normally reserved for God?
• What can the Old Test. tell us about the papacy?
• How can the Pope be infallible, yet still commit sin?

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  • 3 hours 17 minutes (4 CDs / MP3)

    Did Christ appoint Peter to be the visible head of His Church or is the papacy a fifth century invention? Gary Michuta leaves no stone unturned in this tour de force apologetics seminar on the biblical roots of the papacy. Common (and not-so-common objections) are explored, analyzed, and refuted and a positive biblical case is proposed to show the biblical rationale for the papacy. Among the questions answered in this course set are:

    • Did Jesus really choose Peter as the "rock" upon which He would build His Church?
    • Why did Peter receive a title normally reserved for God?
    • Did the Apostles have successors?
    • What do the Patriarchs, monarchies, and the Sanhedrin tell us about the Papacy?
    • Where does the bible speak about universal and particular jurisdiction?
    • What is the biblical rationale behind Papal Infallibility? And many more...

    Join Gary Michuta as he explores Peter and the papacy in this information packed series.

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Customer Reviews

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Marcela’s thoughts...

I am already on volume 3! Thoroughly enjoying it, have learned a great deal! I will probably start all over again once I ‘ve finished- it’s so much material!

Topic Thoroughly Presented

I purchased this series to help me to prepare an RCIA class that I will be teaching on the papacy. I found the presentation to be very thorough as Gary covered many points on the papacy starting in the Old Testament, through the New Testament and into the early Church Fathers. He presents a number of points that I had never encountered in my previous studies on this topic. Gary's style of presentation is relaxed and understandable. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about why we as Catholics have the gift of the papacy.

Helpful in Catholic apologetics

in this set, Gary Machuda, a former anti- Catholic, gives all the arguments he used from the Bible to challenge Catholic teachings on the papacy. He then gives a helpful teaching on how best to refute them. It's very educational, whether or not you intend to engage in apologetics in a structured way. We have all been questioned about various teachings and found ourselves wishing we were better equipped to explain. This will answer that need, and then some!