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Sacrifice of Praise: An Introduction to the Psalms

• Who wrote the Psalms?
• What themes run throughout the structure of the Psalms?
• How were the Psalms used in ancient Jewish liturgy?

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• Who wrote the Psalms?
• What themes run throughout the structure of the Psalms?
• How were the Psalms used in ancient Jewish liturgy?

  • 10 hours 46 min. (10 CDs / MP3)

    Few of us know very much about the Book of Psalms, even though it is read at every mass, prayed daily in every convent and monastery throughout the world, and quoted in the New Testament more than any other biblical book.

    In this CD set, Dr. Bergsma introduces us to the Psalms, answering these and many other questions:

    • Why are the Psalms the only book from which we read or sing at every Mass?
    • What’s the connection between the Psalms and the Eucharistic Sacrifice?
    • How do the Psalms speak to us about Jesus?
    • How are the Psalms a “summary of all Scripture”?
    • Why are the Psalms important for spiritual warfare?
    • How do we handle those harsh Psalms that call down curses on people?

    Listen and discover why, next to the Gospels, the Psalms have been the saints’ most-loved book of the Bible!

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing Content

I have just finished a quarter of the study and I am enriched by its learning. I look forward to the entire study .

A deep catholic study of the Psalms

The book of Psalms is read every mass and prayed daily. Such an important book of the Bible deserved a great study. And Dr. Bergsma not only delivered, but exceeded expectations. This is a wonderful and deep study. Deep in the Bible, deep in spirituality, but accessible to everyone. God bless him for this gift. Highly recommended.


I read Dr. Bergsma's Psalm Basics for Catholics and loved it, but this goes beyond the book. He shows in a marvelous way how the book of the Psalms encapsulates the history of Israel, and is prophecy of the life of Jesus. Especially interesting are the in-depth studies of the some of the psalms. Makes me appreciate and love the psalms even more. Highly recommended!

Sacrifice of Praise CD

I purchased both the CD and the book on the Psalms (Psalm Basics for Catholics) and have gotten so much from them both. Great job by Dr. Bergsma, as usual. I really like his fill-in-the-blanks outlines...a good way to reinforce and really learn the lesson!

A Biblical Tour of Heaven

Excellent presentation. We really liked this CD so much that we are listening to it again to take in what we missed the first time. Very helpful in understanding the Book of Revelation - amazing discoveries. God bless Dr Brant Pitre in his ministry.

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