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The Apostle Peter and the Papacy Conference 2012

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Customer Reviews

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The Apostle Peter and the Papacy Conference 2012

The Apostle Peter and Papacy Conference

Excellent material in easy to understand presentation.

Another thought-provoking series

Although I have studied the Church and Scripture for years, and also heard many presentations by Dr. Pitre and Dr. Bergsma I still learned new things from this set.

really good

they are really good it would had been fantastic if they had the support of some graphics and subtitles of all the bible pass that they mentioning or where they found those documents, in order for us to know where to look, when one day we will be called to explain it to someone else. But the speakers were simple and direct and clear in their explanations.

Very informative

There are some aspects of papal infallibility and collegiality that have been hard for me to grasp. These speakers have greatly helped my understanding of these essentials.

  • 4 hours 45 min. (5 CDs / 5 DVDs / MP3)

    Dr. Brant Pitre
    St. Peter and the Three Stages of the Spiritual Life (1 hr 6 min)

    Dr. John Bergsma
    First Rock from the Son: The Biblical Basis for the Papacy (1 hr 6 min)

    Dr. Chris Baglow
    'Infallible, Yet Not Absolute': Understanding and Obeying Papal Teaching in an Age of Unbelief (54 min)

    Dr. Nathan Eubank
    Simon versus Peter: What Good is the Chair of Peter when its Occupants are Sinful Human Beings? (45 min)

    Professor Cory Hayes
    Peter and the Apostles: Clarifying the Relation between the Bishops and the Bishop of Rome (1 hr)

  • Yotpo
★★★★★ Reviews

Letting Customers Speak for Us

3261 reviews

I am listening to this while driving and sometimes deliberately take the slow lane which will keep me longer in the car. I just can’t get enough. Many thanks for making the lectures publicly available

Jesus the Bridegroom

Excellent. Great overview for the book we are using for our bible study.


Great talk on adoration, and our need to spend time with our Lord.

Essential preparation for Easter

I am so glad that Dr. Petri came out with these videos of his presentations. I have read a lot of his books and use them in my Catechism Class. Please don't miss this opportunity to feast on what has taken him years to accumulate. It would be such a waste of a soul.
If your not fond of reading, definitely get his videos for yourself, your family, or for bringing back uneducated Catholics who may have left the faith. Our faith is so rich it is like a finely woven Persian carpet that takes years to make before you see the pattern...Dr. Petri has done all the weaving for you, you just get to step back and admire the work and then revel in what he reveals to you.
We are using this video in a presentation for our Parish the week before Easter...thank you Dr. Pitre!!!

Absolutely Amazing!!

As I've come to expect from Dr. Pitre!! He can take a profound mystery, which is central to our faith, and take us through a step by step process, to help us understand and appreciate this on a whole new level!! I recommend this to every Catholic!!