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The Faith of Abraham and the Spiritual Life

• What does "faith" really mean?
• Why does God call Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?
• What in the world is circumcision all about in the O.T.?

CP 211

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• What does "faith" really mean?
• Why does God call Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?
• What in the world is circumcision all about in the O.T.?

  • 1 hour 8 min. (1 CD / 1 DVD / MP3)

    What is “faith”? Is it, as many opponents of Christianity allege, just ‘make believe’ and fairy tales? Or is it, as the secular word thinks, something we believe in order to help us to ‘get by’, a kind of therapy? Or is it, as even some Christians believe, merely a kind of ‘intellectual assent’ to the truth taught by the Gospel?

    In this important new presentation, given for the Year of Faith (2012-2013), Dr. Brant Pitre focuses our attention on what the Bible tells us about the mystery of faith in the life of Abraham. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in all of the Old Testament, it is Abraham who is the “the model” of what it means to have faith in God (CCC 144). Taking his cue from this teaching, Dr. Pitre walks you through the ups and downs of Abraham’s life of faith:

    • The Call of Abram and his Journey in Faith
    • The Faith of Abram and his “Righteousness”
    • The Dark Night of Abram and the Mysterious Sacrifice of Animals
    • Hagar the Concubine and Abraham’s Son Ishmael
    • The Mystery of Circumcision
    • The Mystery of the Sacrifice of Isaac
    • How the Sacrifice of Isaac points us to the Mysteries of the Cross and the Trinity
    • The Life of Abraham and the Three Ages of the Spiritual Life (Purgative, Illuminative, and Unitive)

    Rather than giving an abstract lecture on the mystery of faith, this presentation makes faith come alive by looking at the concrete life of Abraham, our father in faith. Along the way, you are sure to see yourself and your own journey in faith—including your own ‘dark nights’—in the life and faith of Abraham.


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Customer Reviews

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Five stars for “The Faith of Abraham and the Spiritual Life”.

Your products and service remain awesome. I am gling to use 4 of your Dr.
Pitre dvds to finish out my ladies bible study class after Easter!

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Easy to understand. Jesus asking Peter three times if he loved Him is a part of the Bibke many of us read about but Dr Brant’s explanation provided a new angle to look at the readings all over again. Very inspiring and something all of us are able to identify with


Most of the stuff in the presentation I knew from other sources. For someone unfamiliar with the topic, it would be a nice gift. Thus, the three star rating. Not a bad presentation for the uninitiated.

The faith of Abraham.

Hello to all in the USA.
This talk would probably be a source of encouragement to anyone undergoing a period of suffering, trials and temptations against faith. It's not for nothing that Abraham is our Father in Faith and, he too, had his setbacks as Dr Pitre explains so well in this talk. There are two particulars among many others that stand out for me in this presentation. Firstly: why Abraham's original name itself, would have been a cause of great suffering for him. Also: the true greatness of Isaac, who was not only victim but, also priest of his own sacrifice. It's all one long and ongoing process of purification and, this talk gives us some insight into one of the mysteries of our faith. Thank you Dr Pitre. Thank you also to Michael who handles my orders and, Brian as well. The quite achievers of C.P.
Stephen in Australia.

I haven't watched any of

I haven't watched any of them yet. Starting the series on Jule 11th I am sure we will enjoy them as I really like Dr. Pitre's teaching.

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A little misleading

Since I know Mary Healy from the Charismatic Renewal I really thought it might be a talk on speaking/praying in tongues. But the talk was great. Helps you to remember that what we say impacts our life.

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Excellent, inspiring teaching. One to listen to again and again. Very well presented and sound clear.

Awesome response!

I mistakenly ordered a series that I’d previously ordered last year. CP immediately issued a refund. Thanks for excellent service and resources!